Our Services

  Mental Health Skill Building 
 Intensive case coordination and 1:1 interventions with adults ages 18 and up with a serious Mental Health Disorder and a history of mental health hospitalizations. Designed to connect individuals with resources that will enable them to maintain stability in the community. 
Family Reunification Services
Parenting Capacity Assessment and development of a Family Reunification Plan, Individual and Family Counseling and Support to families who have been separated to experience a smooth and successful reunification.
Intensive Case Management
Supportive Individual and Family Counseling and Assessment provided in the home to determine needs.  Intensive and Extensive case management services to connect family with services needed to ensure stability. 
Early Intervention Substance Abuse Group
Substance Abuse Risk Assessment, and Education Group for early Teens to reduce/eliminate risk of substance abuse. 
Therapeutic Mentoring
1:1 interventions provided with SED children to develop improved social and daily living skills, improve school behavior and performance as well as enhancing appropriate parent – child interactions in the home setting. 
Intensive In-Home Counseling
1:1 therapeutic interventions provided to children ages, 5-19, who have been diagnosed with a serious mental health disorder and are at risk of out of home placement due to their inappropriate behaviors.   
Substance Abuse Services
Assessment of Needs, Individual and Family Counseling, Groups.  Services Provided by a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor.  Screenings Available.  
Anger Management Groups
Pragmatic reality based 10 week group curriculum focused on teaching and rehearsal of anger management and mediation techniques.  Development of these skills will also utilize strategies of Social Emotional Intelligence thereby increasing the ability to develop strong positive social relationships.
 Mentoring/Parent Aide 
Individual work with the child or parent to improve and/or develop social skills, household management, independent living skills, and social emotional intelligence.
Psychological Testing, Medication Management, and Clinical Interviews
PhD and Licensed Mental Health Professionals are utilized for these clinical services.  The needs of the individual are identified through interviews and testing.  If determined necessary the individual will be referred for medication management. 
Independent Living Skills
Assessment of needs, utilization of interventions and strategies to provide individuals with the skills that will enable them to live as individual as possible.  This may include but is not limited to housekeeping, cooking, time management, shopping, laundry, and budgeting.  
Social Emotional Intelligence Emotional Regulation Groups
A 10 week group designed to improve the individual’s ability to recognize and identify emotions and to respond appropriately to emotion.  When emotions are correctly identified the information may be used to guide thinking and behavior.
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